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Do you think that going Digital is a piece of cake? Are you prepared to fight your unrealistic expectations and get down to earth? Do you still believe that going Digital will drive thousands of customers at your door? And even if this comes true, are you ready to respond?

I have contacted dozens of potential customers during the last 2 years that have decided to go digital. Almost 95% of those people, have a very wrong understanding of what Digital Marketing is all about. And since most of the “professionals” use this misunderstanding to sell their services or products, the outcome is a total failure. Not because digital products can not deliver.Its because almost everyone is afraid to manage customers expectations.

One of the most important issues when we sell a product or a service, is to manage our clients expectations. If we leave the customer to decide what a product or service will do for him, its just a matter of luck to have satisfied customers. It is the human nature that wants it all, now and for free. It is our job to create products that have specifications and deliver measurable results. But when we are talking about Digital Products it is something more.

Digital Marketing is not only about buying a product or a service. It is a Strategic Decision that a company has to take in order to stay competitive in its marketplace. It is a Business Transformation that needs to be implemented in order to go Digital. It is not the cost of buying a product or a service. It is a Strategic Investment. And as most entrepreneurs know, investments need planning, executing, monitoring, optimizing etc.. Going Digital is  a continuous investment towards the rapid development of technology, consumer trends, political & social environment, people…..Going Digital is about CHANGE.

So, how can we help businesses go digital in the real world? Our job is to help them change. It is our responsibility to draw clear lines of the “Go Digital” process, with measurable deliverables that can succeed business growth in the long term. It is our job to bring out the results of a long term investment in the Digital world and train our customers what to expect from their investment. It is our goal as Digital Professionals to protect our customers from losing their money trying to find the Digital Eldorado.

Are you ready to change? Are you ready to invest? Then Lets Get Digital!

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