Performance Marketing

Driving more traffic to your website by increasing rank in different
search engines.

OUR Process

What We Believe

With roots in search engine marketing, driving measurable results is our ultimate goal. As we’ve grown we’ve always kept performance at the heart of the agency. That’s why at Pulse Media no matter what the campaign objective, we find a way to track and measure its success.

Because of this relentless pursuit of excellence, we get great business results for our clients.

Paid Search: Our team of Paid Search experts run highly-targeted local or global campaigns that deliver consistent results for our clients.

Daily analysis, bid management and ad testing ensure we’re always close to the details. We share insights across the agency to help us see the wider picture and continually improve campaigns. Local or international, our team has the experience to drive profitable conversions.

From hyper-local to global paid search campaigns, and consumer journey personalization to attribution analysis, we’ll manage and run your paid search smoothly and efficiently.

By optimizing device, location, audience and time of day, paid campaigns achieve better results with the same investment.

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